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Welcome to Banana Joe's website, the community store that supports and sponsors local charities and schools.


Our award wining store measures a large 1872sqm, we carry over 15,000 lines of products with Sydney's largest selection of 'Organic Products' consisting of over 577 products. Being ranked as the busiest independent supermarket in Sydney, we always make sure that we only provide you with the freshest and best quality of products at the lowest prices. 


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Store Trading Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am till 8:00pm

Saturday: 8am till 7:30pm

Sunday: 8:30am till 7:30pm


FREE BBQ on Saturday 30 August @ 11am till 2pm





Support your local store which supports your local community! Please email us for all sponsorship, donations and other enquiries.


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Our new everyday low

We strive to be an environmentally safe store through the use of Bio-degradable shopping carry bags and produce bags. We are continually looking at Eco-friendly solutions that we can implement into our service offering.


Our current updates have been:


Enviro Safe shopping bags, Bio Degradable produce bags, new Eco saver T5 lights throughout the store, Enviro friendly Eco cleaning detergents in all departments including the cleaning of the store floor. Bio degradable waste management system as can be seen on our YouTube channel.


Please help us keep our environment safe and clean!

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